The pro-war left’s disastrous misjudgment

23 07 2007

Johann Hari in The Independent

“The Iraq invasion was motivated not by Enlightenment values but by a desire to control Middle East oil”

The pro-invasion left was always a small battallion, comprised almost entirely of journalists and intellectuals who believed that toppling the Taliban and Saddam Hussein was a good idea – even if the only President available to lead the charge was George Bush. Yet almost since the first statue of Saddam was smashed to the ground, it has been losing troops – to the anti-war side, or to a sullen AWOL silence, or to despair.

It’s now a year since the Euston Manifesto, an attempt by the pro-war left to hone its position into a coherent set of principles, was issued. So this is a good time to ask: did this strange niche in Anglo-American politics – of which I was a part, for a time – produce any enduring insights? To trace an answer, you have to break its argument down into four distinct readings.

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