Stylus Magazine’s Top 50 Rock Drummers

31 07 2007

snare drum

Everything you need to about rock and roll drumming, you can learn from a YouTube video of an Asian man trying to sell you a Creative keyboard. “Rock and roll is very simple. Just four counts. And on every count, play the hi-hat….On the first and the third beat, play the bass drum. On the second and fourth, play the snare drum. This is rock and roll.” Just like every great rock drummer worth their salt, though, he soon goes off, striking the keyboard like a wild man, adding flourishes and fills like he’s been playing this thing for years. The following list operates in the same way. Rock and roll is very simple. Some of these 50 drummers helpled define it, some of them redefined it, and some of them ignored it altogether. So, without further ado, Stylus Magazine’s 50 Greatest Rock Drummers.

The list is here



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