Women deserve the same pay as men as long as they work for it

1 08 2007

Amanda Platell in The Daily Mail

women in the office

Yes, I believe in equal pay for women – but only for those who work for it (…and plenty don’t)

Too proud to push? So that’s what’s been holding us women back all these years. As well as the Y-chromosome, we’re now told we lack the gene to thrust ahead in business.

That’s why, after raft upon raft of equality legislation and a century after first fighting for the vote, British women are still paid, on average, 17 per cent less than men for doing the same jobs.

Why should that be? Well, yesterday came one explanation. A study by Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh found that women who haggle for a better pay deal are more likely to be viewed as pushy than male colleagues making the same demands.

More here.




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