US Republicans start to smell blood

9 08 2007

Toby Harnden in The Telegraph

He was once billed as Obambi, the doe-eyed ingénu wandering innocently into the dark forest of an election, woefully unprepared for the dangers that lurked there. But in the old steamboat stop of Sioux City, Iowa, this week, an altogether more ferocious animal stalked its prey.

Barack Obama jabbed the air and waved his hand dismissively as he branded his prey a creature of the establishment who had “been in Washington too long”. This crony of “corporate lobbyists” was in denial about America being “less safe” than before 9/11 and had to be brought to book for the “disaster” in Iraq.

To the dismay of some Democrats in the high school gym, however, the Illinois senator’s quarry was not George W. Bush, who escaped almost scot free. His stump speech was all about, as Obama himself put it, his “little argument with Hillary Clinton”. In trying to stop the Hillzilla juggernaut, Obama is making a powerful case for why she should never be president. Painting the former First Lady as the ultimate Washington insider is a message that resonates in a country in which Congress is every bit as unpopular as Bush.

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