Weekly World News meets God!

9 08 2007
weekly world news

Toby Harnden in The L.A. Times

‘U.S. Paying Space Aliens to Find and Destroy Bin Laden!” This vital news story was shockingly overlooked by every major newspaper in America — except one: the Weekly World News. Those other papers also left their readers uninformed about how the White house put out a hit on Michael Moore, why a judge ordered a vasectomy for an oversexed hamster and how a woman exploded after constantly being told, “You da bomb!”

I wrote all those stories and hundreds more for the Weekly World News during the last five years. But the tabloid’s days as a supermarket-aisle staple are numbered: Publishing company American Media has announced that it will stop printing the newspaper (though keep a website) on Aug. 27.

When my career as a stand-up comedian and sitcom staff writer started winding down, I took on a number of freelance comedy-writing jobs — writing jokes for Jack-FM stations, for other comedians and for Cracked magazine. My Cracked editor went to work for the WWN and invited me to contribute stories. Before long, I had five or more stories in each issue. Fake news was my day job. Imagine my mother’s pride: ” ‘France Makes Hanky Panky Mandatory’ … my son wrote that!”

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