White House wannabes are fatally flawed

24 08 2007

Anne Applebaum in The Telgraph

The trouble is, at the moment it’s impossible to see how we get from here to there in practice. By this, I don’t mean that something will prevent the primaries or the election from taking place. Other than starting a little early (I know, it’s getting worse and worse) this campaign is so far progressing smoothly, from a technical point of view. The problem isn’t the procedures, but the nature of the candidates, each one of whom, not necessarily for obvious reasons, seems wholly unelectable.

Certainly by any normal political calculation the Democrats should win the election without any difficulty. But by any normal calculation, neither of the two leading Democrats, Senators Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama, can possibly be the victor. This is not because, as the cliché would have it, one is a woman and one is black, but rather because this particular woman and black man have particular problems.

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