All you ever wanted to about Tetris…

28 08 2007

tetris start screen

…but were too nerdy to ask.


This article describes how a computer can play the classic video game Tetris by getting information about the board, determining good actions, and performing those actions.

This article includes software capable of playing Tetris in real time. The software includes the best real-time Tetris-playing algorithm in the public domain.

This article defines rules for “Standard Tetris”, a specification based on the original 1986 pre-commercial version of Tetris for the Personal Computer (PC).

In 2003, the software included in this article was used to enable a computer to play Tetris running on a separate computer. An ordinary USB web camera was used to enable the computer to “see” the screen of the other computer. A relay board was controlled via an RS-232 interface to enable the computer to “press keys” on the keyboard of the other computer. Thus, the first computer has a relationship to the second computer that is similar to a typical human player’s relationship to a computer when playing Tetris; the game state is only known by looking at the screen, and player actions can only be initiated through a keyboard. The configuration in this demonstration established that a computer can play Tetris better than a human, under normal real-time Tetris-playing conditions.

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