Stop Making Sense vs. The Last Waltz – Stylus Magazine

30 08 2007
david byrne

David Holmes in Stylus Magazine

While certainly not the only candidates for “Best Concert Movie Ever,” these two films perpetually dominate the discussion. Surely, some would argue that their similarities end here. In fact, perhaps it would be foolish to pick apart each film’s strengths and weaknesses and set them side-by-side, only to lay an already-dubious distinction upon two films that are equally impressive on their own terms. But outside of the guilty pleasure that goes along with making unilateral decrees based on tenuous evidence, the joy of the Stylus Vs. column is that it allows for the re-examination of not one but two pop culture artifacts. Therefore I think it’s wholly worthwhile to bring this argument before the infallible Vs. system, wherein we’ll use hard data (subjective experience) and empirical evidence (personal preference) to crown, once and for all eternity, the greatest concert movie of all time (named either Stop Making Sense or The Last Waltz).

More here.



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