Possibly the finest reggae mix ever?

11 09 2007

From the Best Foot Forward music blog.

last january i bought a house and began renovating it. this old house was built in 1947, and had (apologies for the cliché) one lady owner, with no work having been done on the house for almost 60 years. it was a total wreck. at one point all that was left were four windowless walls – we ripped out the electric heaters, the floral wallpaper, the faulty wiring and the decrepit kitchen. what i was gifted with was a blank canvas, a carte blanche to do whatever the hell i wanted with what was to become my future home.

i think one of my finest moments (alongside putting dimmer switches in every room – can’t recommend that enough) was putting a speaker in the ceiling of the bathroom. i’ve always found the bathroom a sanctuary from the constant insatiable hubbub of the working day, and can often think of nothing better than running a bath and crashing out for an hour of lackadaisical bliss.

what i’ve found to be one of the greatest soundtracks for getting all wrinkled up to is this, ashley beedle’s 1998 essential mix. taking in all parts of the reggae spectrum, i can quite confidently say this is 2 hours of the most perfectly sequenced dub, roots, ska, calypso and rocksteady that you’re ever likely to come across. i’ve played this to immediate family, inseparable friends, and fucked-up all-back-to-mine randomers, and probably made about 20 copies for new devotees through the years. and i’ve now i’m sitting here, still wet from the bath with a towel around my waist, wondering why i haven’t let this secret out earlier than tonight.

Can be downloaded here.



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30 09 2007

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