Kill the Rock Star

8 10 2007

Chris Dahlen in Stylus Magazine

Last fall, the lads of Oasis said a funny thing about the music business. Noel Gallagher to the New Musical Express: “All the fantasy’s gone out of music, ‘cos everything is too fucking real. Every album comes with a DVD with some cunt going, ‘Yeah well, we tried the drums over there, but…’ Give a shit, man! It makes people seem too human, whereas I was brought up on Marc Bolan and David Bowie, and it was like, ‘Do they actually come from fucking Mars?'”

Gallagher has nailed the whole problem. In today’s tell-all, “behind the music” industry, he’d rather not know every thought that scraped its way through the drummer’s head, or hear every guitar solo they threw out, or listen to them talk for even a minute. He doesn’t want to think about the artists as people in any way. And this runs counter to everything the industry’s been trying, at both the major label level and the indies.

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One response

8 10 2007

Many albums come with bonus DVD discs simply to up the content, to tempt you to buy the physical version and not buy (or obtain it free…) online.

That’s not to say Noel’s wrong about documentaries…though it can be interesting to understand musical processes (or you can just not watch the DVD), but there’s not much else you could put on a bonus disc; A 5.1 mix is only useful for the few with those setups, live versions of the songs are lame (I’d go to a gig)…so maybe a Beatles kind of movie is the way to go?

I could well believe a movie where a young Liam head butts every ‘opponent’ musican in sight.

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